Money Clip Cool Wallets for Men



An exquisite cool Money clip wallet for men

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Money Clip Cool Wallets for Men

An exquisite cool wallet for men

Amongst all cool wallets for men available today in the market, the money clip wonder happens to be the coolest one. What makes it a visual delight? Find out for yourself.

Features you garner buying a cool wallet

The fact that it makes you cool is just an understatement. There are so many advantages of having this wallet with you. We will one by one take a look at all of these:

  • Distressed leather that it sports is considered a top grade fully grained material
  • It gives the product a unique antique and classy appearance that is hard to ignore
  • In the centre of the wallet you get a money clip that secures your money properly and doesn’t allow it to slip off. In a way it can be called a protector of your money.
  • On either side of the bifolds you have been provided with two credit cards slots
  • You can keep up to 6 or more credit cards in there
  • The wallet always comes in handy with its size 4.75” by 3.25” as it slips easily in your pockets without making you uncomfortable
  • There is ample space in the wallet to let you handle all sorts of cards including business and credit ones, along with wads of cash in the centre and important notes

The money clip cool wallet lets you fasten your cash via a clip which could have otherwise been in a dangerous position of slipping out.

Distressed leather properties

A crucial property of the leather is that it seeps in oil. So if you have been using it regularly, over a time span the leather tends to accumulate all the oil from your hands. This helps in removing possible wrinkles and scuffs that might generate on the product. Although, the more the money clip wallet weathers the better it starts to appear. Cool leather wallets that don distressed leather on its surface look impeccable as gifts.


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