Money Clip Men’s Travel Wallet


Money clip men’s travel wallet

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Money Clip Men’s Travel Wallet

Introduction to the best travel wallet

You need a travel companion? We offer you the best in the business! Elegant men’s travel wallet with a money clip that nails it in.

Wallets are considered to be man’s best friend. Since, the world has come down to currency, cards, notes and money, to survive in it you need your best friend. You need it everywhere, from departmental store, to malls and street. You need money to survive, and the wallet ensures you do.

We offer you a brilliant alternative to storing money in the form of a money clip men’s travel wallet. Invest today.

Best travel wallet features

Travelling could be rough sometimes. If you don’t fasten your stuff, they might fall off. You want everything secure and safe with you. If we are talking about money then that’s something you would want to stick around. This travel wallet leather beauty comes with a pin to rivet your cash. It flaunts its bifold design with the clip in the centre. So when you open it, it feels like a small book or a diary. There are 2 slots that have been given inside to take care of your credit and business cards. Two more slots have been provided on the outside that could be also be exploited. Dimensions of the product have been mentioned below:

  • 4 3/8″ (11 cm) Long
  • 3 1/8″ (8 cm) Wide
  • 0.5″ (1.2 cm) Deep

Also, the clip wallet is made up of distressed leather that is the highest quality leather you would ever find.

The leather wonder

Distressing makes every product better. The leather works on the aforementioned adage. With time, it starts to ooze out a unique classy factor. Scuffs are developed in the long run which start to look great on the wallet. It is almost as if you have bought a different wallet altogether. Invest right in.

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