High quality leather chic Chain wallet


Handmade Leather Trifold Wallet with Chain

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Handmade Leather Trifold Wallet with Chain

The fashion world keeps on changing. It doesn’t stick to an era or a plan. With time, every bit moulds into something different and people accept it. The change is a part of nature too. You have to live with it.

In a similar fashion, men’s accessories too have seen an act of metamorphosis. For instance, wallet designs and types have been changing too as per the fashion trend. We have drifted away from regular wallets to designer chain wallets. One such elegant looking masterpiece has been diligently carved for you.

Exquisite chain wallet

This handmade product doesn’t stop at just being super-chic. It would serve as a perfect gift for a friend if you are looking at it as a present. This is a pro-biker companion that would look impeccable in your or your friend’s hands.

Features of the product

This is a wallet with chain that makes a silent promise of staying with you wherever you go. Adorned with a closure flap which ensures your valuable stuff wouldn’t fall off, this chain wallet is an excellent deal. Amongst all chain wallets the reason this product stands out is the fact that it uses a 24” chain which gives you two options. You can either choose an antique gold chain or a silver chain. Also, this is made up of distressed leather. To know how distressed leather drives in a pile driver look at the below mentioned points:

Why distressed leather?

  • Top-notch quality full-grain leather
  • Aniline is the finish type used which has the property of retaining natural surface
  • It has all the visible scars and pores that could have been on the animal which appears quite beautiful
  • The leather has also the property of absorbing oil from regular usage and removing unwanted creases developed in the long run




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