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Personalized Front Pocket Credit Card Holder Wallet


Resplendent credit card holder wallet

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Personalized Front Pocket Credit Card Holder Wallet

Resplendent credit card holder wallet

Offering you the all new magnificent credit card holder wallet, a minimalistic product especially carved to satiate your credit card needs. The leather credit card holder has ample space to take care of your credit and business cards easily.

Leather credit card holder attributes

If you are zeroing in on this product, be assured it is one of the smartest decisions to make. The credit card holder for men retains 4 pockets that will easily take in around 8 to 10 credit cards. Two more extra slots have been provided on each bifold to allow you to keep folded cash, important papers and notes. Once the wallet is full with cards, it easily closes too without any overhead. You can comfortably keep it in your front pocket. It doesn’t bulge out or make you feel odd at all. It is a super slim product especially hand carved to serve as a perfect credit card companion.

Personalizing the product

Some initials come pre-engraved on the product. These can be replaced with initials of your choice. The wallet can also handle a monogram or a logo you wish to get engraved. A quote of around 10 characters is also acceptable. Simply punch in the user preference while placing the order on our website and we will handle the rest.

Bright side of using distressed leather

The wallet uses leather that goes through the process of distressing and weathering. This in turn makes the product even more appealing. The fact that it carries rad marks and stains found on the animal skin makes it super cool in the fashion industry. People dig that. The leather emanates pizzazz, something which everybody is rooting for today. Also, it goes as top-grade quality fully grained leather that is highly durable.


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