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Ultra Thin Vegtan Leather Bifold Wallet


Ultra Thin Vegtan Leather Bifold Wallet

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  • Fully functional slim leather wallet
  • Made of strong distress premium leather
  • Holds 16 or more credit cards
  • Space for unfolded cash
  • Option to add owner names or initials
  • Size”3.25” x 4.25” (Closed dimension)

Best Ultra Thin Wallet

Thinking of buying a handmade leather wallet? This slim wallet can hold a lot of items that you want to carry for the day and yet it stays slim. You can even fit it in your front pocket or back pocket. Think ultra-thin because this leather wallet is that slim. If you like minimalist design this one will be the perfect wallet for you.

Ultra Thin Leather Wallet

In terms of style and collection this maker has a lot to offer minimalist leather wallet lovers. Their leather wallet collection is unique because it combines both traditional and modern. No wonder they were able to come up with an ultra-thin wallet that can accommodate the basic essentials and much more. This does not add bulk to the wallet, how amazing is that? Leather is flexible in the sense that it looks tough and unbreakable and yet it grows soft through time. True that some chemicals are use when it is produce however, the chemical treatment is minimal and will not take out the best part of what makes leather special. This is not actually a bad thing because it still retains the basic qualities that make it special. In a world filled with mass produced goods these wallets is definitely one of the great ones. You communicate to others who you are by the type of items that you own. As a proud minimalist wallet owner you are somebody who knows how to maximize the full potential of what you own. You can be trusted because leather is sturdy and trust worthy. This might just surprise you on how the simple choice of what to own reflects your persona as well.

Ultra-Thin Leather Wallet

  • Handmade distress leather with special hand stitching
  • Unique and stylish
  • Practical and functional
  • Eco-friendly; vegans will love this part
  • Extra durable materials used; will not peel off and crack since it is genuine leather
  • Ability to last longer
  • Tough and soft at the same time
  • Timeless classic
  • Leather breathes which is why it does not mold nor allows moisture to adhere
  • Flexible since it will not bend or break; this is what you get with genuine leather
  • Value for money; helps you save on cash
  • Will last for years to come

Long before the fashion industry has taken notice of leather this material has been used in different kind of items that you own. Leather is a great material because it is long lasting and protects what it need to keep. There is nothing to compare with handmade leather pieces. This brings out the special qualities in leather better. This material is both extremely durable and yet it stays in fashion even through time. Each generation recognizes its importance. This material adds a certain degree of quality that cannot be ignored. Synthetic fibers tend to give rashes at time when it comes in contact with skin. Leather will not give you this. These are not foreign elements like synthetically made wallet. Leather is also a practical material since it is resistant to mites and dust. It is also easy to clean when it gets dirty by accident like when it drops on the floor. All that it takes is one single look in order for this ultra-thin wallet to get noticed. If you value good quality material you will surely like this ultra-thin minimalist wallet better than your other wallets. Grab one or several ones today. You will never know when a special event or occasion comes up and you need to give somebody special a gift worth giving.

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