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Yin and Yang Leather Notebook Journal


Yin and Yang Leather Notebook Journal

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  • Achieve balance in life with this journal notebook
  • Draws positive energy
  • Good option as diary, day planner and journal
  • Handmade leather notebook cover
  • Hand stitched
  • Comes with Yin Yang logo
  • Standard A6 refillable notebook
  • 2 pockets on each side for folded cash or credit/debit cards
  • Size: 11.5 cm x 16 cm

Personalized Leather Journal Notebook Diary

Want to create a balance in your life. Write down your thoughts on paper using this Yin Yang design journal leather wallet. It is a wallet because you can keep credit cards and cash on the extra pocket on each side of the journal. Keep it balance by reminding yourself that if there are sad times there will be happy times. Have fun drawing and writing your ideas in this notebook. Spend countless hours writing about your daily experiences because this would be a good option for a diary. Grab one today.

Customize Leather Wallet Journal

The Yin Yang symbol is also known as Tai Chi. It is a circle divided by black and white colours. Both sides has a small circle of the opposing colour. Yin and Yang is about harmony and balance. If you are somebody who likes to be a proponent of balance it would be a great idea to buy a journal notebook diary. If this is made of leather then it is a better deal. It is actually a brilliant idea to merge this symbol with that of a notebook that you can use as a diary and semi-wallet. Why not full wallet? Because this one can only hold credit cards and cash money in each side of the notebook. The pockets were created to protect your journal notebook and diary. At the same time this protective cover also doubles up as wallet. You can store your business card or check and it will not get folded. No thieves will find that it is not just a notebook for writing alone. Even with the event of the computer and other gadgets there is nothing that beats actual traditional writing. There are places that you can bring this notebook and it will not cause back pain when bringing it since the size will fit in your bag. You can even carry it. The notebook journal will make your look good.

Customize Leather Wallet Journal

  • Made of handmade leather and has fine stitching
  • Can be refill using A6 size paper
  • Ability to last longer than other kinds of material use on journal notebooks
  • Expressive writing heals and this notebook encourages that
  • Lowers your stress levels because you can write down your thoughts on paper to find release
  • Writing in a journal notebook can boosts your immune system
  • Develop mental stability

You don’t need to get too fancy. You are free to express your own thoughts in the words that you are the most comfortable with. There are some people who observe that great men usually have a journal to write their thoughts that be it something that important or trivial. Among histories finest men who kept journals are Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin and Thomas Jefferson to name a few of these great men. Even your children and grandchildren can learn something important as they got to read the trials that you face and how you have overcome these thanks to this expressive writing. You got the chance to recall what has taken place in the past and even write down future plans as well. You also got to write down good ideas that may bring in a large amount of cash. If you are a writer the pages that you write down could be the start of a great novel. Before you make a decision writing them down can make you view the pros and cons. You will eventually arrive at a solution and a good one at that because you can see it visually.

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