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Peace Leather Notebook Journal


Peace Leather Notebook Journal

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  • For Positive Minded People
  • Great Alternative to cheer a friend with
  • Good option as diary, day planner and journal
  • Handmade leather notebook cover
  • Hand stitched
  • Comes with Happy Face logo
  • Standard A6 refillable notebook
  • 2 pockets on each side for folded cash or credit/debit cards
  • Size: 11.5 cm x 16 cm

Personalized Peace Sign Wallet

Are you a lover of peace and at the same time loves writing anything related to this? Buying a peace sign leather journal notebook would be a good choice for you. You got to enjoy the benefits of owning a journal made of leather while at the same time you can express your love for peace. Cannot wait to own one? Buy one today and you can start writing down your ideas.

Leather Peace Sign Wallet

The peace sign was actually a symbol for nuclear disarmament. For people who love wallets that creates a distinctive statement this is the perfect wallet to own. Such a perfect specimen of leather craftsmanship would be a nice addition to your collection of classical pieces. The benefit of a leather journal is that there is no need to recharge the battery just like the inbuilt journal in smartphones. This is when going old fashion makes sense. If you are a person who has a never ending appreciation for notebooks and the adventures that you can write on it this leather journal notebook is a great option to buy. This is a great notebook because it has lots of pages to write or doodle with. This is what a custom made journal can do. There is actually a lot of features that can be found in this notebook. Nothing can replace the feeling of planning and brain storming, writing this down using good old fashion pen and paper. There are some innovations introduce through this journal notebook. It is like a great idea of merging old fashion with something modern thrown in for good measure.

Leather Peace Sign Wallet

  • Boost productivity with this unique leather journal notebook
  • Accomplish goals
  • Wonderfully crafted stitching
  • Weathered distress leather look. Leather gets better as it ages
  • Thick edges to prevent your valuables from falling out of the journal
  • Extra spaces on both sides for credit cards and cash
  • This is perfect who love writing or sketching
  • Hand sew leather product will not unravel if in case one of the stitch breaks off
  • Cowhide leather will last longer
  • A6 refillable notebook
  • Can be fully customized with your own logo and name initials

Looking for a notebook with an edge, this leather notebook aka wallet can be the right multi-function journal for you. If you are into business you need to find that perfect place for your ideas and notes. How about drawing some prototype of your pet project? It is nice to have everything in one place. Memories, musings, grocery lists, budget planning and sketches. Whatever takes your fancy to write or scribble with the pages are always ready for you. You can even use it as a planner. There is no need to buy a separate planner. Since you can buy refills the next time you write things down you can actually pick another style of A6 refill. The refills by the way are inexpensive. Best of all you will be using just one leather journal for years to come. Write your daily goals or to do list for the day or for the week. Ideas are born from such small beginnings and this notebook shows you how. This is the journal notebook that you always need but, failed to buy. This time make it the right decision. Make your dreams come true try one today.

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