Personalized Leather Key Chain


Personalized Leather Key Chain

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  • Made of tough handmade leather
  • Built to last key chain holder
  • Option to add owner names or initials
  • Size”1.5” x 3”

Personalized Leather Name Keychains

If you like customized valuables you would love this personalized leather key chain. First of all, it is made of strong and durable leather. This keychain can handle not just keys alone. You can hook your compact kit, mini flashlight, and other things that you need during the day on it. If you like efficient key chains this one fits what you need. If this is a match you got the perfect match, grab one today.

Customized Leather Keychains

Almost all people use keychains mainly to hold keys. However, it has evolved from its humble beginnings. Most people use these in day to day life. These holds the literally important keys for the car, the house and even the office. This is a case when the saying “small but, terrible” applies in a good way. This may be a small item but, it is that useful. Keychains especially those that come in leather tags are practical because it will last a long time. It tends to last longer than other materials use for this purpose. A keychain is used several times a day. You start a car, open the door of your house or office and a lot more. A keychain is portable which means people will not find it irritating to carry one. It would be a plus when browsing inside a bag and it is easy to see the keychain thanks to the leather tag. When using an unusual design people will tend to notice. If you are using this for business promotion this is the right way to promote your business.

Customized Leather Keychains

  • Made of super durable leather tag; will survive frequent wear and tear than other materials use for the same purpose
  • Hand stitched
  • Secures your keys and similar valuables
  • Great promotional item for businesses. Helps targeted customers recall your business. You can actually give this during trade shows or exhibits. Product launch is an ideal time to give this away as well
  • Brand visibility if you use these for promotions
  • Offers personalization option which makes it a great way for clients to remember you and your company. A small act of goodwill will go the extra mile
  • Saves you a lot from advertising using other costly options
  • You don’t have to buy a designer brand because that would add to your overhead expenses
  • Ordering a dozen will not put a dent on your business budget

A small keychain carries that much message especially if you place your tagline or company logo on it. Choosing a keychain gives you the right balance between quality and cost when it is made of leather. Why the emphasis on leather? Because leather last long and grows better as it grows old. It is also easy to clean when it gets dirty in case you drop your keys on the dirty pavement or mud. Some items hook on keychains may include bottle opener or a multi-purpose blade. There are times when a small flashlight will join these keys. This only means that keychains has evolved since it was first introduce. Nowadays, it would be easy to design a logo that will be memorable for your customers and potential clients. What are you waiting for order several ones today. Inquire about available options for what you have in mind. This investment will surely go a long way. Who knows you might thank yourself of running across a simple but, brilliant idea.

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