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Personalized Leather Dog Collar – Black


Personalized Leather Dog Collar – Black

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  • Handmade leather collar
  • Loved by dogs
  • Belt buckle style
  • Slots to fit any dog’s neck be it a small or large dog
  • Available in two width: ¾ “ and 1”

Leather Dog Collars Customized

Because your dog deserves the best that the leather collar industry you can buy this classically design dog collar. Leather is a reasonable choice because it last long. It is also easy to clean just in case your dog’s saliva dampens it. Others can easily identify that this is your dog thanks to the option to write the dog and owners name on this collar. Buy it now.

Leather Dog Collar Personalized

When you have a puppy or dog at home you need not just the average kind of collar but the best one. If your dog is more than just a pet it would be better to give it the best leather dog collar that you can ever find. Now, the question is what kind of collar to look for? There are different varieties of dog collar in the market. Why choose leather material? It is a fact that leather will outlasts other kind of material. Most dogs except the lazy ones are playful and they do move a lot. Choose for something comfortable and will not cause rashes or similar forms of irritation. Just lock it with a little extra room to wriggle with. Dogs cannot talk and it would be hard to figure out that the source of complaint is collars that were tied too tight. The style of collar you choose must match the size of your dog. As a rule of thumb wider collars the less pressure it will be on the dog’s neck. However, dogs with short neck should wear thinner collars whole long neck dogs can handle all kinds of collars. For most breeds 1.5 inches wide collar will be enough for comfort.

Leather Dog Collar Personalized

  • Durable choice because it is made of handmade leather
  • Handcrafted leather with handmade stitching
  • Worth a small investment that pays more than what you pay for it
  • Will make your pet look better
  • Will prevent constant rubbing and friction issues
  • Gentle on your dog’s skin it is after all made by animal hide
  • Lends a touch of class

Real leather will smell like leather if it emits a different scent better think twice. High end leather will smell like that of what you smell in a leather bag or shoes. This is the assurance that you get true leather if you buy from this maker. Adjustable straps made with leather and stainless steel will look good in your dog. This must not rust or it will affect your dog skin when it starts to sweat heavily. You will observe a form of rash. Adding the name of the dog and yours will prevent others from snatching the dog saying it’s theirs. This manufacturer is known for producing leather collars that are pet-friendly. Each collar is detailed and hand crafted to suit any kind of dog. All that you need to inquire is the size because some dogs are bigger than most while some dogs are small. These leather collar will become a stylish extension of your pet’s personality. Others will remember that it’s your pet because of the leather collar that it uses. The leather collar is a means of identification of who owns the pet. You can actually order to have your pet’s name and yours for a small cost. By giving you facts about this leather dog collar you can make a wise decision whether this is what you are looking for your pet.

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