Stylish Tips on Wearing Leather Belts

Choosing the best leather belt is not only a matter of practicality or well-established tips on the design, but also a sign of good taste. Well-chosen, they can tie the whole attire together. Moreover, the leather belt you wear can tell a lot about who you are and what you are doing. This is why we’ve come up with helpful tips on wearing leather belts.

When you meet someone, it’s beyond the first impression. Choose the wrong belt and you could just feel out of place. But when you choose the right belt, you get the admiration you deserve.

Stylish Tips on Wearing Leather Belts

Go for Leather Material

Leather belts are by far the most commonly used material and are used in synthetic, bonded, full-grain, and genuine leather.

When it comes to belt quality, it is important to have both the material used and the manufacturing process. Leather should be long-lasting, resistant, and not stretching. That is why full-grain leather is the best material for classic belts.

Look also for the nubuck type of leather on the inner face, which is silky to the touch and durable. This tends to last long with its durability because of the material.

Genuine leather is simply the best mark with which a product can be sold as leather. These tend to have an appearance of great quality and will always be the lowest price of all leather belts.

Full-grain leather requires the grain of fur, including all of the material’s blemishes and natural durability.

And as noted, real leather is the highest quality leather you can buy. This is the one you’ll most adore for presenting, smelling, and lasting as leather should.

Tips on Wearing Leather Belts: Match it up with Your Shoes

When it comes to men’s wear 101, your accessories need to match with each other.

When buying a belt, match it with the color of the shoes you think you’re going to wear a lot. Moreover, make sure that the finish on your belt, either matte, patent, or suede, is the same as your favorite shoes.

When you wonder if you should wear a brown belt and black shoes, then I’ve got fantastic news. Yes, you can, but there is one slight difference – you want the brown and the black to be as similar as possible in color.

By pairing the shoes with a dark brown and black leather belt, you will create a more pulled-together look. A light brown and black leather will conflict and distract you from your overall style.

Size is Important and so Does the Fit

The first step to selecting your belt is to first figure out how long the belt should be. Just like there are styles for shoes, so are the belts. You’ll find these offered in the same size as pants for leather belts, although you’ll want to go up to two or three sizes for the proper fit.

Always place the belt over your pants when trying on a belt, and allow a few inches of the belt to loop through the first hole.

Here’s how a belt will fit: you need to be able to wrap the leather belt around the widest mid-section of your waist securely and hook it into the first button without pressing or breathing in.

You should aim for two or three inches of the belt running, but watch out for very long belts because these may shoot off the hip and may seem not right.

Choose Your Everyday Belt

Casual belts are usually wide and are made of a thick calfskin that appears to get more flexible over time as it shapes the body. Besides, the best daily belts also look better the longer you wear it, showcasing your small victories over the daily grind.

These are the everyday leather belts you don’t have to think about twice. You can roll out of bed, slip into some decent clothes, and pull it all along with a versatile, sturdy, and style-stable leather strap.

If your leather belt is tan — easy to pair with any shoe & any overall style, you can get away with only one of these to get you through everyday.

Lastly, look also at your current closet to decide which clothes you wear frequently to get a feel for which leather belt can match your taste.

Choosing the Best Belt for Occasions

Another one of the important tips on wearing leather belts is choosing a belt for occasions. If you are choosing leather belts for weddings, office meetings, formal dinners or even to make a serious impression whenever you wish, typically colors between black, brown, and tan usually are the best variety to choose from. This type of leather belt must be an inch wide.

Choosing a classic genuine leather belt is also especially important for men who often wear suits to go to work or any event.

Nevertheless, leather belts should never be overdressed. Belts should support the style of your attire and will look elegant at it seems to be.

Final Thoughts

It turns out that leather belts are for every man who considers wearing it. So, as long as you have a desire to wear a belt, we know that you can find one that will complement your body shape and outfit.

If you’re not wearing a leather belt very often or are wearing the wrong size, you might be surprised to learn that a belt can offer more than just a way to hold your pants up.

The right belt completes the wardrobe and serves as a simple but attractive accessory. Yes, it will keep your pants in place, but it will also make your waist look slimmer and provide you with a middle section that is comfortable and supported.

Here in Gifts for Men, you can search for the right leather belt that suits your style. Providing you comfortable and elegant styles that may match your preferences is our goal. Hope these tips on wearing leather belts are a great help!

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