Samsung Galaxy S6 Leather Case



Samsung Galaxy S6 Leather Case

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  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Leather Wallet
  • 3 credit cards slots; can hold multiple cards
  • 1 pocket near credit card slots on the left side
  • Comes with closure strap made of silicone snap
  • Will not scratch the iPhone
  • Also available for Note 4 and 5; S6 Edge; S7; S7 Edge
  • Size: Note 5 Wallet Dimensions- 3 ½” x 6 3/4 “

Samsung Galaxy S6 Leather Case -Perfect Match

Samsung Galaxy S6 & Leather Case-Match Made in Heaven

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy 6, leather is always a welcome option. Leather wallet case like these offered by this wallet make adds a touch of class and it feels good to touch on the skin. This is not like one of those supposedly premium made leather that looks poorly made and cheap. This wallet maker has actually lead the way for other leather wallet makers by introducing the use of its distress cowhide leather. Because of the design and its ability to last long orders for the Samsung Galaxy 6 case are pouring in from different parts of the globe. The choice of a high end smartphone comes the responsibility of looking for a good way to protect it. If you hate faux leather this wallet is a good choice since it ages gracefully. By choosing this case you are actually making a smart decision. Those who have the chance of buying this wallet case highly recommends this as a solid choice for Samsung Galaxy 6 owners. When you have a phone like this it is a must to protect it at all cost. This leather case from this wallet maker will get the job done.

Advantage of S6 Case

  • Warm organic feel of genuine distress leather
  • Comes with bifold luxurious covers
  • Different rear camera cut-out
  • Can be open with just one hand
  • 3 credit cards slots that can hold multiple cards
  • Separate slot for cash
  • Ample storage case option
  • Can be used for Samsung S7 Edge, S7, Note 4 & 5
  • Comes in two thread colours to choose from: natural tan and dark brown
  • Handmade stitching in vintage folio book style
  • Secure card compartment
  • Combines wallet, credit card, cash and phone holder all in one
  • Is offered with personalization options like a logo or name initials

You don’t have to take out your phone just to take photos. All you have to do is to flip it open, point your camera and shoot that perfect photo. The leather absorbs the shock when you move while you walk and run which in turn protects your phone. The design fully complements the Samsung Galaxy 6’s natural beauty making your phone shine with your wallet. In other words, you will look smart when you take this with you. Since each of the corners are properly covered and the edges are raised it keeps off the screen of your phone from scratches and similar cause of damage to it. Keep this mind, wallet cases makes your phone look professional. The case is strong enough to protect the phone but, soft enough to touch with your fingers. If you need a simple inexpensive wallet case for your Samsung Galaxy 6 this wallet from this wallet maker will be enough for your needs.