Personalized Fashionable Leather Passport Wallet


Authentic distressed leather passport wallet

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Personalized Fashionable Leather Passport Wallet

Authentic distressed leather passport wallet

If you are browsing for a leather passport wallet that lets you look good at the same time protect your passports, you have walked into the right place.

If you are a frequent flyer, carrying a passport in your hands becomes a dispensable overhead. Whilst carrying it in your hands is an option, due to regular usage it tends to tear and fray. Your valuable booklet becomes a victim to rough handling. To avoid that we offer you an exquisite personalized passport holder that will not only serve the purpose, but also make you look super trendy.

Men’s passport wallet features

The men’s passport wallet can easily accommodate two passports. It has ample room for taking care of your boarding pass as well. You can keep your credit and business cards as well. More than 4 credit cards can easily slide in there without making the wallet heavy. If you have receipts and some cash with you, whilst travelling you can easily keep them as well. With all the aforementioned stuff to put, you would think your wallet would talk of discomfiture. However, you would be surprised to find out there is plenty of room in there to carry your notes and papers too. The wallet is also hand stitched in natural tan or dark stitching.

Distressed leather benefits

It is made of top-grade leather which passes through the process of ageing or distressing. The preservation of animal skin happens in the process. Prominent marks and cuts get etched on the leather. This beautifies the product further.

Personalizing your wallet

Initials can be inscribed on the wallet. You can choose your personal idea to go in there. A monogram or a logo could also be etched on the empty space. A short quote of about 10 characters can be used as well. Your preference will be given precedence.




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