Mens Dark Leather Wallet with Chain


Mens Dark Leather Wallet with Chain

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  • Leather chain wallet
  • Fits unfolded cash
  • With coin pocket
  • With closure flap
  • 24” chain
  • Holds US , Australian and Canadian currencies
  • Size: 8.25 cm by 11.5 cm

Mens Darker Leather Biker Wallet- Masculine Style Wallet

Mens Darker Leather Biker Wallet- Wallet for Real Men

There is a point on why bikers prefer a wallet more than other designs sold on the market. This wallet company is once again on the forefront of being one step ahead of its competition by introducing this leather biker wallet collection. Some who are not admirers of chained wallets may ask what the point of using wallet chain is. The simple answer is that it secures your valuables even if you on hours on the road. There was a period when the use of this wallet is just for bikers alone. Nowadays for men who loves vintage chain wallets are in. Recognizing that there is more than what a chain wallet offers has made men buy these. Times have certainly change. Yuppies are the first to recognize the functionality of this biker wallet. Even celebrities are joining in using a biker chained wallet like this. Who can refuse the attraction of owning a wallet that has a lot of great qualities to offer?
Who knows you better than you? Look for a good quality wallet. True leather like what this wallet is made out of is durable and strong. What separates a strong wallet from something that will easily break apart is the stitching used on it. After your wallet accepts what you place into it, the additional items will make it stretch. If it is made of poor quality materials it tends to burst at the seams. The more items you put into it the bursting begins until one day it will give up and out comes your valuables. It would be a sight to see you running after the spilled contents. If you dislike this scenario better choose a trustworthy wallet like this leather credit card.

Qualities that Make Biker Wallet Unique

  • Allows you the freedom to move
  • Made of distress genuine leather
  • Option to personalize
  • Just the right size of chain; lightweight
  • Available in classic dark leather
  • Choice between Silver Tan or Silver Dark Thread and Gold Tan or Gold Dark Thread

Since the chains are not that thick to be annoying it would be easy for you to simply go about with your activities for the day. If you are somebody who is into sports or enjoys skateboarding and similar hobbies you will appreciate this biker wallet better. Tumble and flip all you want and the wallet will remain secure to your side because of the chains. If you are a first time user you just need to lock one piece of the chain into the belt or belt hook of your pants. Place it inside your front or back pocket and presto your valuables will remain inside even if you ride on a motorcycle or do one of your famous flips. Your choice to let the chain hang loose or keep it inside the pocket. This biker wallet solves the problem if you are a biker this wallet maker understands what bikers are looking for in a wallet. You can simply focus on riding and forget worrying over losing your wallet and its contents. Imagine seeing your valuables spread through the wind. As much effort as you give to it you may fail to recapture the spilled contents in the middle of the open highway. If you don’t want to be subjected to this scenario save yourself by buying a biker wallet. You will know that it is a good investment as soon as you see it delivered in your doorstep.

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