Leather Passport Holder Compass Rose


Leather Passport Holder Compass Rose

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  • Compass logo
  • Ample protection for passport
  • Book folio style passport cover
  • Made of distress leather
  • 2 extra pockets on each side to hold credit cards, folded cash and other valuables
  • Option to engraved with name initials or nickname
  • Size: 9.5 cm x 14 cm

Passport Cover Leather Personalized

Owning a passport leather cover will save your passport from getting misplace. It is a hassle when you are in line and you still cannot find your passport while browsing through your bag. Avoid getting side remarks about causing a long line delay. This passport cover is easy to find because it is made of leather. It will stand out even when you have different items inside your bag. On top of this the main job for this cover is to protect your important travel ID.

Personalized Passport Cover Leather

Sometimes no matter how prepared you are to travel something bad happens and your passport disappears. Losing a passport and having it stolen is both terrible and inconvenient. You may need to seek the help of your embassy for a replacement. It will take some time to have it replace. If you have a travel itinerary the loss of a passport will delay your plans. It is a hard especially if this is about a business deal. This scenario can be prevented if you come prepared with your passport cover. First of all if your cover does not make it look like a passport this can deter thieves from stealing. It is wise to keep a scanned version of your passport online. Better yet, you can have it photocopied and have this photocopy laminated. You can show this to the hotel or during unofficial asking for your passport moments when your travel. There are countries where it is common to be subjected to fake police men who are actually thieves. You can also leave your real passport in a hotel safe and keep the photocopied version with your name on the passport cover.

Personalized Passport Cover Leather

  • Genuine distress leather
  • Protects your passport
  • Stylish and cool design especially if you order for personalized logo or initials
  • Camouflages your passport so that thieves will not steal it

Having your passport stolen will place a dent on your budget. There is also that time of waiting to have your passport replaced. This is when it is wise not to carry everything that you own when just traveling within the city where you are. You can keep it on the hotel safe to keep it away from danger. You can still use the passport cover to house this photocopied version of your passport. It is a no brainer to state that passport cove protects one of the most important travel document that you take with you on travels. If you think that buying a passport cover is just luxury and is not important. The reasons given above will reveal how important the use of a good cover is. It is literally a cover for your passport. It shields your passport from the prying eyes of those who may plan to run away with it if they only know what lies within. You will never misplace this because it stands out from your bag. You will never get late for a flight because there is no chance that you will hold it off. Finding your passport is a breeze thanks to this passport cover. This is big enough to cover your passport and accommodate some valuables like credit card or IDs. Because of the artistic designs that you can order the passport cover cannot be mistook for holding a passport. This is actually the real reason for buying this cover. It also helps that it is made of leather.

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