Dark Leather Mens Wallet for Bikers


Dark Leather Mens Wallet for Bikers

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  • Snap on closure
  • Has 3 credit card sleeves
  • Extra smaller pockets to hold cash or iPhone
  • Slots for house key or guitar pick
  • 24 inch chain (60 cm)
  • Size: 19 cm by 9 cm by 2 cm

Mens Leather Chain Wallet

Chain Wallet- Hot Property

Everything that a biker wears has a reason. Most of what they wear looks cool however, there is more than meets the eye which includes the accessories that they buy to complement their “biker” look. When you buy this biker wallet chain you are actually protecting your valuables. For just $99.99 you got yourself a great deal because you will be the proud owner of this wallet best buys. If you love taking long motorcycle rides and neat looking accessories this is it. Who can make a claim that this wallet will get better as it age? Just like fine wine, the more you use it this wallet shows off. This new and improved version can protect your iPhone 6. Not a lot of chain wallets can promise to care for your most important possessions. Since leather is naturally porous this wallet will allow it to breath saving the valuables stored within. No wonder this biker wallet has been lauded by those who bought it and are still using it. A lot of buyers have been won over by how solid and sturdy this wallet is aside from its smart looking design. You don’t have to worry of having a mix up with somebody else wallet because this wallet maker allows you to place your initials or logo on it. Do mention that you would like this feature to be included before they deliver the wallet to your doorstep.

Special Characteristics

  • With stitching made by hand
  • Recognize by customers as best in craftsmanship because of its attention to detail
  • Made from distressed leather
  • Slim design
  • Fits an iPhone 6
  • Offers customized initials and logo stamps
  • Allows you to carry your passport, IDs and credit cards
  • Fits all kinds of currencies
  • Comes with 24 inches chain
  • Perfect travel companion
  • Will complement almost any biker outfit
  • Great wedding gifts for groom, grooms men and father of the bride and groom

Those who receive this biker chain wallet are overjoyed when they receive their first biker wallet. After a while when they recognize that they have discovered a gold mine they buy other versions from the same maker. Bikers are known for having a close group that are set apart for their love of more time spend on the roads. When they have discovered something as special as this wallet they are ready to share it with other bikers. This is how enthusiastic they are upon seeing this wallet and enjoying its performance. If this wallet is an actor it would win an award hands down. After all not all leather biker chained wallets are created equal. This will complement a biker’s jacket that are usually designed with different pockets to accommodate what they need to carry as they travel. The idea is to avoid valuables flying off in different directions when the riding becomes that intense. If this could be good for a biker, this means this wallet can be good for somebody who travels a lot.

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