Spectacular Handmade Credit Card Holder Wallet



Dazzling credit card holder wallet



Spectacular Handmade Credit Card Holder Wallet

This credit card holder wallet will make heads turn. There is no doubt about it. The distressed leather it features emanates a superb look that is going to make you famous in no time. You would no longer be ashamed to take out your wallet in public. The leather ensures it doesn’t even happen in the long run. Wearing its unique quality of weathering with time and still looking gorgeous are perks only distressed leather products can avail of.

Dazzling credit card holder wallet

Buying this product is the best thing you could do. You get 2 card slots and 2 cash pockets that are willing to hold both credit cards and cash for you. You can alternatively use these notches for placing useful notes and leaflets as per your requirement. You can store more than 8 cards in those 2 card slots with maximum ease. Hand stitch signature embellishes the leather credit card holder further.

The size the leather credit card holder sports is

80 mm (H) x 110 mm (W) — US Currency 3.14″ (H) x 4.3″ (W) and

90 mm (H) x 110 mm (W) — Euro & UK

Benefits of the leather

The credit card holder for men incorporates leather of the most top-notch quality. Aniline has the property of storing the natural marks that could be found on the cowhide or the animal skin after the product goes through the process of weathering. It brings out the true texture and looks downright gorgeous. It also with time causes grazing marks that can be easily removed with the help of a little oil. You could also just leave the scuffs, since they are believed to give the product a vintage look. It is highly advisable that you go for this super product.


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