Slim Leather Card Wallet for Men


Slim Leather Card Wallet for Men

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  • Slim and compact men’s leather wallet
  • Thin profile- ¼ inch thick
  • Handmade with hand stitched thread
  • Has 2 credit card slots
  • Pocket for folded cash
  • Size: 8 cm by 10 cm

Inside Out Mens Slim Wallet- Two in One

Inside Out Mens Slim Wallet- Stylishly Slim

For a few years now, the market for minimalist wallets are exploding. Never was there a time when consumers thought about buying such a slim wallet. Wallet makers tried producing their version of their idea of what the minimalist wallet will look like. Each year they produce a slimmer wallet than the previous one. One of the things that they overlook is that the purpose of keeping it slim is to make it look great at such a minimal design however, it must be a wallet that can be capable of carrying sufficient items inside of it in such a small space. This may sound like a tall order but, this is the general idea associated with slim men’s wallet. Some of the best ones were hot in terms of design and functionality and this is where this wallet belongs; the elite chosen ones. It is hard to match this distinction of being acknowledge as one of the best ones in the wallet industry.


  • Unexpectedly amazing Super Slim design; perfect blend of full function and minimalist concept wallet
  • Bifold wallet with the shape and size of sleeve
  • Stores a lot more than what you expect from such a slim wallet
  • Reasonably priced hybrid wallet
  • Genuine distress handmade leather
  • Two thread options: natural tan or dark brown
  • Artificially age to give character to the overall appearance of this slim wallet
  • Has two vertical card slots one on each side. This can actually accommodate at least six cards
  • Has large pocket perfect for cash. You can also use this space to store IDs or extra cards
  • Highly personalized. You can place for an order to put your initials or logo in this slim wallet
  • Comes with hand stitching

With polished looks this slim inside out wallet can be a good addition to your accessory must have collection. Say goodbye to back pain cause by sitting on a bulging wallet. Forget worrying whether you have manage to ruin your credit card by sitting on it. This wallet protects the items that it stores. This wallet comes with the features that you need to store your valuables with. It is no wonder that this slim inside out wallet was included in the extensive list of the best minimalist wallets per consumer reviews. When you take a closer look you will notice why this was given this credit. Would you be interested in owning a slim wallet that will remain invisible even when place in your front or back pocket? If so, this slim inside out wallet from this wallet maker is what you are looking for. You finally have met your match and this is it.

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