Leather Biker Wallet With Chains


Leather Biker Wallet With Chains

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  • Slot for house key or guitar pick
  • Has 3 credit card sleeves
  • Snap on closure
  • Extra smaller pockets to hold cash or iPhone
  • 24 inch chain (60 cm)
  • Size: 19 cm by 9 cm by 2 cm

Leather Biker Wallet with Chain – Worth Every Penny

Biker Leather Wallet Not Just For Bikers

Selecting the right leather wallet can be daunting. You are face with a lot of choices and styles. This leather biker wallet from this wallet maker has that classic appearance. This comes with chains to secure your wallet when you ride your bike. You don’t have to worry about leaving your valuables when you run the road with your bike. It is made of sturdy materials that can survive the long trips on the road. This wallet maker has covered everything that you might need while traveling. To start the personalized process you have to think about what you will need this leather wallet for. It is given that you will take road trips carrying this biker wallet but, what about other valuables that you intend to bring with you? Why chained wallets? It is because motorcycle do vibrate. When you climb on and off the bike this places a stress in your back pocket and the wallet that you carry. There might be instances when the wallet drops unnoticed. What if this carries all of your valuables like money, IDs and proof of insurance and your credit card as well. To save yourself the trouble of having your valuables replaced, buy this leather wallet and keep your treasured possessions safe. There is a reason for selecting leather and you will soon realize this when you are using this wallet.

Special Characteristics

  • Not just for bikers alone but, for those who travel a lot
  • Secures your valuables with the snap lock and chain
  • Hand stitched to perfection
  • Original handmade smooth and supple leather
  • Comes with 24 inches chain
  • Can store your iPhone
  • 3 pockets to accommodate your cash and iPhone
  • 3 credit card sleeves for your cards and IDs
  • Extra slot for house keys and another one for guitar pick

The size of this leather biker wallet will keep it safe in your backside or pocket. This will not look odd even when you have it in your pocket because it will not add a strange looking bulge. Aside from storing valuables these wallets create a fashion statement to enhance your looks. One of the reasons to choose this leather biker wallet is that it is made of good quality materials. Since the stitching is handmade it is strong and durable. However, if you are going to use the wallet every day you need to stick with traditional colours. Leather is the material chosen for this wallet because it is strong. Leather can handle even almost anything and it will remain even when other wallets have fallen down. This wallet maker understands that most men and bikers in general hate shopping again to replace something that they own. The price will fit your budget even if the material is full grain leather. In the long run spending such an amount will be money worth spending.

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