Ultra Slim Elegant Leather Wallet for Men


Ultra Slim Elegant Leather Wallet for Men

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  • Made of strong distress handmade leather
  • Holds 16 or more credit cards
  • Space for unfolded cash
  • Option to add owner names or initials
  • Size”3.25” x 4.25” (Closed Dimension)

Personalized Handmade Leather Wallets

Searching for a sturdy inexpensive leather wallet? This one is genuine and looks classical yet modern in design. This is actually a minimalist billfold because it can fit credit card, cash and other items that you own without looking like a bulging monstrosity. Want to display your new found treasure in this gem of a wallet? Grab one today, others will envy you on your good choice.

Custom Handmade Leather Wallet

While there are a lot of online shops and local stores that sell leather wallets you need to look closely to find a real gem amongst the average wallet. At the top of any fashionistas list includes owning a leather wallet. Leather brings a certain elan of prestige that you cannot deny. Generations come and go and yet the love for leather continues. It is even pass on to the next generation without really knowing it. For people who are looking for something stylish and durable leather is the only way to go about it. Some people love the scent of leather because it reminds them of a happy occasion like a father or spending time with somebody special that loves leather as much as they do. It would be a disappointment when you buy the first leather wallet that comes your way. There are actually decent sellers out there and those that offer the average one. This might even dissuade your fascination with leather. Minimalist wallets challenges those who try to fit everything on their wallet at one time. It is like bringing everything from the house and most of it is something that you will not need for the day.

Custom Handmade Leather Wallet

  • Fully functional and stylish wallet
  • Custom handmade leather wallet with hand stitching
  • Reasonable price; great value for your money
  • Timeless elegance
  • Settle only for first grade leather
  • Minimalist slim wallet
  • Can hold bills and credit cards without going bulky
  • Will prevent folds on bills and checks

With an overwhelming number of online shops, how to narrow down your choices. You can use the numbered list given above to find the right kind of leather wallet. You can inquire about how the leather was made otherwise you might end up with a surface leather. In time the truth will be out that you have been duped with a faux leather that will not last like leather does. There is also that unmistakable scent that is not leather. Check the leather for natural marks. It is a dead giveaway and important clue whether what you got is real leather or not. Never be afraid to try out something new even if the seller of the leather wallet is somebody new at it. Do some research regarding feedbacks about what previous buyers say about the seller. That would give you a clue whether the leather wallet is as good as it is advertise. Remember that a wallet is a personal thing. The type of wallet you buy will reflect your personality. Are you somebody who wants to take all of your stuff outside of the house? Do you want to change and be contented with a minimalist wallet? Maybe it’s time to do so with the help of this wallet. All that you need to do is to take a small step towards owning a minimalist wallet such as this. Who knows you might actually like the feeling of living light.

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