Stylish and Slim Leather Wallet For Men


Stylish and Slim Leather Wallet For Men

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  • Slim and compact
  • 2 credit card slots
  • Buttoned closure to secure valuables
  • Folded cash compartment
  • Width/ Height 3 1/4” x 4 1/8”
  • Size: 8 cm by 10.5 cm

Stylish and Slim Leather Wallet For Men

Flip Top Wallet- Inspiringly Stylish

If you dislike clutter and would love efficient organizing skills this Flip Top Slim mens wallet offers you this in pocket friendly prices. A slim wallet will make it easy and convenient to fit into your back or front wallet. A slim wallet like this forces you to reconsider what you need to bring when you go out. If you are somebody that use to carry a bulky wallet and all those extras you will soon realize why slim is in. Reduce your former wallet size into half of its size and yet allows you to carry everything that you need for the day. The design is classically stylish. You will be surprise just how it looks like your wallet has gone on a diet and yet all your stuff stays the same. The secret lies in the skinny layered design by this wallet maker. Build for utter comfort and durability this slim wallet expands like magic. This is why it can fit your daily essentials. It is a surprise that this wallet maker can still manage to offer this wallet at such an affordable price even with the use of good quality materials down to the last detail. There is plenty of room to hold what you need.

Attributes of the Flip Top Wallet

  • Organized and stylish
  • Ultra-thin, flat and in just the right size
  • Top grain cowhide
  • Made of superior grade leather and good quality thread
  • Soft corners that will not cut your skin
  • Separates your cash, IDs and other valuables
  • Helps you organize better
  • Functional handmade slim wallet
  • Fits ONLY USD Currency

If you want to see a wallet that can withstand the beatings of your fast pace life this is it. It is easy to hop on a plane, train or taxi with this flip top wallet secured in your pocket or bag. If you hate thick wallets this flip top wallet will be a good option. Since this wallet is snug it holds your valuables without accidentally spilling its contents. If this has a body it would be the fittest one. Real leather by the way is water resistant. It would be easy to ride your bike or jog and be secured in the knowledge that the items within will not drop to the floor when you bend. Since this flip top wallet is slim it is lightweight even if you add contents. If you want to replace your beat up bulky wallet this is the right wallet for you. If you want a touch of class in a minimalistic wallet pick this personalized wallet. By the way you can choose to go personalize by adding details like your logo or the initials of your name in this wallet. Inform the seller before you place your order so that in a few days’ time you will ‘get your much coveted slim wallet made however, shipping will take from 2 to 4 weeks with an option for expedite shipping via FEDEX.

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