Spectacular Men’s Bifold Wallets: A Perfect Gift for Him


Spectacular Men’s Bifold Wallets: A Perfect Gift for Him

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Spectacular Men’s Bifold Wallets: A Perfect Gift for Him

Bifold wallets are the new fad. We get to place our money in an unfolded fashion. It slides comfortably in our pockets. Plenty of slits and grooves to place stuff! What more do we want?

Why men’s bifold wallets?

The reason a bifold wallet is better than a trifold one is the fact that there is literally no trouble opening it. You can simply close it in a clap. The latter also compels you to fold your currency. Chances of getting the money torn are higher there. However, with bifold wallets there is no such issue.

The best in that department is the product we are offering you, hands down. The all new men‘s leather bifold wallet cannot be simply ignored. It has features galore that might boggle your mind.

What do we offer?

If you place any similar product in front of this one, all men’s bifold wallets are going to go down. There is no doubt about it. This is what gets chosen. With a space of 4 pockets to place your cards, which is probably going to take care of around 10 cards, be it be business or credit, you have simply struck gold.

There are hand stitched threads used to pull everything together.

The wallet features a space for initials which can be employed to use your own initials. A monogram can be used if you are not in favour of using initials. A logo can also be used. You have a character limit of 10 to punch in your favorite quote there too.

Its distressed leather gives it a unique natural fully grained look that will catch attention.

Other things about distressing

Making leather distressed entails passing it through a process of ageing. The quality of the product doesn’t degrade. Au contraire, it becomes more beautiful and shiny. Patina is guaranteed to show up if you keep using it for awhile. It is owing to the absorption of oil from your hands due to regular usage that ends up removing scuffs on the wallet. Distressed leather is also pretty magnificent to look at.

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