Men’s Bifold Wallet Dark Leather Personalized Gifts For Him


Men’s Bifold Wallet Dark Leather Personalized Gifts For Him

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Men’s Bifold Wallet Dark Leather Personalized Gifts For Him

Earlier when mankind hadn’t come across currency, things were quite simple. Barter system was pretty widespread then. People always had something for something. It was their way of living. Then the concept of money was introduced for the first time, and everything changed. Coins had come into existence and people were opting for small bags to hold it. It became gradually difficult to carry money around if someone had loads of it. Currency notes showed up which were then followed by banks and then cards. The carrier or the holder of money slowly moulded itself into what is today called as a wallet.

Soon with the advent of change and development, different types of wallets showed up. Now there are loads of options to choose from. Men’s bifold wallets are considered the best hands down.

Dark handmade men’s leather bifold wallet:

Amongst a gamut of men’s bifold wallets available today, this product stands tall as one of the coolest and chic wallets ever created. Taking a quick sneak peak at its features:

  • There are 4 card pockets that come quite handy in taking care of multiple credit and business cards
  • The bifold wallet is customizable as you can change the initials used on it to the one of your suiting. A logo or a monogram is a perfect way to utilize the initial space. You can use them to replace the initials as well. Also, if you have a quote in mind, you can use it as well. However, ensure it should not be more than 10 characters long.
  • There is ample space for you to put currency notes without folding
  • Two sizes are available for this bifold wallet namely: USD , AUD , CAD currency: 3.25″ by 4.25″ and UK & Euro Currency: 9.5 cm by 11 cm
  • It uses distressed leather which absorbs oil and removes scuff thereby forming a patina

Leather wonders

The dark leather of this product is actually distressed for a long period of time. This retains all natural marks and stains on the cowhide and makes it look splendid.


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