Magnificent Minimalist Handmade Leather Bifold Wallet Personalized


Handmade Leather Bifold Wallet Personalized

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Magnificent Minimalist Handmade Leather Bifold Wallet Personalized

We have seen change. It is everywhere around us. The fashion world is the most affected niche. Accessories have seen a huge make over. Most of it has to do with changing perspective and interests. People want to invest in something which looks more stylish, and that is highly durable. Both of these important qualities can be found in the amazing leather bifold wallet.

Minimalist Leather Wallet

Bifold wallets are the most comfortable ones. They don’t swell up when you put a lot of stuff in it. Money doesn’t have to be folded in order to squeeze it in. They slide just fine without making you uncomfortable in your pockets. This leather bifold wallet is no different when it comes to comfort. There is room for 8 credit cards as it features two big notches that take care of your business card or credit card needs. You don’t need to fold your money when putting in your currency as it is one big bifold wallet with the dimensions 3” by 4” when closed.

It has hand stitched threads that make it look marvelous.

There are initials on the wallet that can be molded as per user preference. You can use your own set of words. A logo or a monogram can be used in its place as well. Quote up to characters can be squeezed in there too.

The thread scales the edges of the wallet and finishing up on one side which gives it a unique aspect. Also, the vertical bifold wallet is made up of the highest quality leather there is called distressed leather.

About Distressed leather

What is it about distressed leather that makes it look so beautiful? It constitutes of aniline finish that goes through a process of ageing. The natural marks and pores on the cowhide used in the making of this wallet are preserved through distressing. Simulated imprints are sought here. It is considered as real leather. It is famous for giving a unique glossy texture to the wallet even when it gets old, used and worn out.

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