Leather Bifold Wallet for Men – EURO , HK , UK Currencies


Leather Bifold Wallet for Men – EURO , HK , UK Currencies

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  • Slim and compact
  • Will not add bulk when used as breast pocket wallet
  • Has one main pocket can hold unfolded cash
  • Comes with 4 credit cards slots
  • Size: 9.5 cm by 11 cm

Euro Wallet – Going Places

Euro Wallet- Travel in Style

For a jetsetter like you there is a special kind of wallet that will fit your cash and passport. If there are requirements for a great wallet that can help you travel with ease this would be a difficult task until this wallet maker invented their Euro wallet line. If you love leather you will definitely fall in love with this wallet. There is no need to get stress over what kind of wallet you can take with you in your travels. A few shoppers tend to focus on the available number of pockets however, they overlook some factors to consider when choosing a travel wallet that can be used for different currencies without smashing these in the process.

Factors to Consider

  • The Style. Although every wallets have the same basic purpose however, the benefits that it will specifically give you outweighs every beautiful appearance
  • Classic Look. There are different kinds of wallet and even upgrades as they are referred to but, nothing beats the classic
  • Made of high quality materials that can withstand common wear and tear. Be careful about imitations because it tends to be cheap but, will not give you value for your money the way that a genuine leather will
  • Sleek and Simple. These may look like it describes all wallets however, in truth a sleek wallet must not produce a bulge
  • Secured. There is nothing more difficult than traveling and losing your valuables while in the middle of it. You need to set aside time to reconstruct your passport and request for ID or credit card replacement. It may take a few days to get this accomplished. If you are traveling in a country that has strict rules you cannot get out of the hotel to go on with your business without your IDs and cash
  • Saves your cash from getting folded and squash
  • Option to personalize since this will protect your wallet better than anything can

This beats the larger breast wallet since you got a room for what you need and yet it does not occupy a large part of space in your baggage. This is especially handy when you are rushing through customs and immigration. Remember this the slimmer your wallet is the less it will intrude in your jacket or suit. This Euro wallet is said to be the minimalist cousin. You will appreciate this characteristic better later during your travels. This Euro wallet is a crowd favourite as more and more buyers are realizing the benefits of owning this specific wallet. It is a must to take with you on your travels. Slim to look stylish and yet secures your treasured possessions.

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