Fashionable and Super Chic Leather Bifold Wallet


Distressed Leather slim bifold wallet

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Fashionable and Super Chic Leather Bifold Wallet

Distressed Leather slim bifold wallet

If you are in dire need of a leather bifold wallet, we have handpicked the perfect one for you.

Sometimes when you are compelled to carry more than one credit card with you, and you are worried about their safety, keeping a spacious wallet becomes inevitable. If a wallet has sufficient space, keeping other things like cash, papers and valuable documents, becomes easier. You can adjust plenty of credit cards and not be worried about protecting them. You can keep business cards of people you go around having business with.

To serve all the aforementioned activities, leather bifold wallet comes in handy.

Product specification of the slim bifold wallet

We offer you pizzazz in the form of this elegant wallet that speaks volume of its beauty. The skin it is in boasts of cowhide that goes through the process of distressing. Distressing is the process that allows the leather to preserve natural flaws through weathering. Eventually the end-product we get is downright gorgeous.

The men’s bifold wallet can hold 8+ cards quite easily. When completely full, it still has extra space for your cash and important notes. You don’t have to fold your cash here. Simply put it in the big pocket it has and it will slide in just fine. Hand stitched threads make it look even better.

It is a minimalistic product made cooler by the fully grained leather it is finished with.

Employing distressed leather

People are drifting towards leather that goes through the process of ageing. Distressing, as we may call it, lets the leather preserve flaws on the animal skin. Marks and smears on the animal skin get preserved as well. This is one of the best things in fashion industry. People root for such leather. Accessories made of such leather are respectful and considered classy.



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