Leather Wallet with Coin Pocket


Leather Wallet with Coin Pocket

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  • Has 1 main pocket
  • Extra smaller pockets to hold credit card
  • Fits unfolded cash; can fit all types of currencies
  • Has coin pocket with snap on
  • Size: 9.5 by 11 cm

Leather Coin Pocket Wallet – What You’ve Been Missing

This is more than just a coin purse because it can hold different kinds of items that you own. This coin wallet can handle a lot more than just coins alone. This leather coin wallet can fit all kinds of currencies. You will not feel like you have missed out some important items that you need to bring wherever you might be headed. Packed with a separate coin pocket. This product comes with different compartments depending on what you wish to carry in your wallet.

Leather Coin Pocket Wallet- What You’ve Been Missing

Are you looking for a specific wallet that can allows you to hold more than just coins? Look no further because this wallet makers’ personalized men’s coin pocket wallet fits the bill. This wallet can accommodate all types of currencies. It has several compartments like for coins and credit cards. This may look like a regular leather wallet but, don’t be misled by how it appears. If you like slim wallets this is it. How about being given the chance to participate in the wallet creation process? Nothing breathes special than when you have a say before the wallet arrives in your doorstep. If you are impress with the available stocks sold on the official website, seeing the final product will make you look in awe. It will not be a surprise that you cannot simply leave home without taking this coin wallet with you. Minimalist wallets like these are great because it reduces bulk and yet add style to your overall outfit of the day. This is more than just a fashion accessory because it carries everything that you need for the day. Think of this as a coin friendly wallet with some extras thrown in for good measure.

Special Features

  • Custom made according to your specifications
  • Purse with Lots of Compartments
  • Made of distress leather
  • Touch with special level of craftsmanship
  • Fits unfolded cash; no more coin scratching on your other belongings
  • Personalized options by paying just a little bit more for additional features
  • Natural Tan and Dark Brown thread options
  • Expedite shipping options for US customers via FEDEX

Before this wallet maker came into the picture there are not a lot of options for coin wallet owners like you. True, that there are wallets sold to hold coins but, the function of these wallets are limiting. Now, this wallet maker challenges those who made leather wallets for coins to show that there is something more that can be offered to consumers who are looking for other features in a slim wallet like this. Think or coin purse reborn and this is what you will get when you own this wallet. Since this wallet is unique you will not find it hard of what you will give the next time that you need to give a unique kind of gift that will surely make the receiver grin big. This can be a good option for Santa to stuff socks on Christmas. This would be a good gift for special occasions like Valentine’s Day or even just one of the special events in your life. Owning a wallet like this is a good idea because you get to keep your pocket clutter free as everything has a place for all that you need to carry for the day. It was a good idea that this wallet maker came up with a design that is slim enough and yet it can provide you with just the right amount of space.

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