Minimalist Leather Front Pocket Wallet


Minimalist Leather Front Pocket Wallet

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  • Super slim and compact design
  • Rear slot for credit cards
  • Has interior pocket
  • Slots for house key or guitar pick
  • Width and Height 3.14” x 4”
  • Size: 8 cm by 10 cm

Vertical Card Wallet – Small Compact Wallet

Compact Wallet Card Holder

How do you find the right wallet? One thing that this wallet is known for is the ability to grant your wishes simple or not. How does custom-made wallet sound? This wallet maker listens to its valued customers. No wonder in just a short period of time orders are pouring in from different parts of the world. This Thailand made well- crafted vertical card wallet is durable and strong. Of course it helps that it is made of fine good quality cowhide distress leather. This wallet fits the image of the perfect minimalist wallet because it is slim and yet it can accommodate a lot of items stored within. Whether you like it or not the choice of wallet speaks volume about who you are as a person. Sure you can carry credit cards on this wallet however, it’s about time to ditch what you don’t need. Your wallet is not your attic. If you got library cards and similar items avoid bringing this with you.

Special Properties

  • Comes with the stitching made by hand design
  • Made of rustic distressed leather
  • With interior pocket
  • Rear pocket to store single card
  • Slim design
  • Allows you to have your initials, name or logo engraved on the wallet

A minimalist wallet is for those who does not like clutter. This is for the practical you that knows how to organize your belongings. You know when the right time to take a certain item that you own and when it’s time to just leave it at home. All that you know is to stick to the basics instead of carrying all of those extras. You are somebody who enjoys traveling light. You don’t want to be burden with none-essentials. Leather is a natural material which means you are practical and loves nature and anything connected to it. Leather can actually developed character over time. The more you use it the better it gets. This is how much your choice of wallet reveals who you are as a card wallet owner. This vertical card wallet will complement anything that you wear. Whether you are relaxing with friends or attending an important board meeting taking out this wallet will actually make others interested in what you own and maybe ask you where you bought it. This is how others react to real genuine leather. They will view you as the cool dude that you are. You will get extra attention just because you are a proud owner of this vertical card wallet. Scale down and be smart choose a durable and good looking wallet like this and you will never regret it.

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