Minimalist Credit Card Leather Wallet for Men


Minimalist Credit Card Leather Wallet for Men

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  • Made of full grain distress leather
  • Hand stitched
  • 2 card slots in outside pocket
  • 2 cash pockets; option to hold cards on these pockets
  • Can hold from 6 to 8 credit or debit cards
  • Size: 7.5 cm by 10 cm by 1.1. cm

Personalized Card Wallet -The Good Stuff

Leather Wallets- Going Personalized the Right to Do

One way to pay tribute to your identity would be to go personalized. This wallet making company offers you these cool personalized card wallet. Protect what you own by picking this option to have your wallet monogram. Nothing shouts handmade better than real distress leather, hand stitching and classical styles that lasts for a lifetime. Have you notice why you can show your artistic talent by simply making a decision on how to personalize the wallet. If you are giving this as gift to a friend or a family member they will be impress with what you came up with as if you made the entire wallet. If you are buying this for a spouse or your groom he will cherished you with such a thoughtful present. This wallet is for those who love anything classical. It is also a practical choice since it guards your credit card and driver’s license. With the help of technology it is easy to simply place your stamp into the wallet.

Special Characteristics

  • Strong durable distress leather
  • Special hand stitching
  • Great gift for special occasion and anniversaries. An alternative gift for groomsmen
  • Will not bulk up
  • Conveniently offered on Etsy simply press the custom order button
  • Takes into account your listed preference like on monogram or colour of thread
  • Offers personalization logos or initials for a little more add-on price. Up to a maximum 10 characters are accepted. You also need to specify where you want these logo or initials place like center of the wallet or just one side of it
  • Two cards slots on the outside and 2 additional cash pockets
  • Can hold up to 8 cards including your IDs

There is a glaring difference between going personalize, than simply giving away something that looks like it was owned by just about anyone. Personalization sets this wallet apart from those sold online as is. Owning a personalized credit card wallet like this will prevent you from losing the wallet. In case you are in a hurry it and you left this wallet behind, the monogram will identify this to be yours. This is what going personalized means. You have the chance to put your personal stamp on the wallet at the same time you got to protect what you own. Don’t let the slim design fool you because this wallet can pack as many basic essentials as possible. Personalized wallets like these are perfect gifts for the most special men in your life. What would be Father’s Day without giving him a present for this special day? This is one personalize gift that you cannot go wrong with. It has the ability to impress anyone who receives it. See their delight as they see what you have for them. This wallet is all about who you are and what you prefer. There is no short changing the process of producing such a fine quality made card wallet. Best of all leather grows better with time just like fine wine. In this case personalization will not damage the goods but, it will enhance it further.

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