iPhone 7 Personalized Leather Wallet



iPhone 7 Personalized Leather Wallet

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  • Can be used for iPhone 5 to iPhone 7 and even iPhone SE
  • Has 3 credit card slots
  • Has 2 interior pockets
  • Snap on case made of silicone
  • Anti-scratch will not damage the phone
  • Size: iPhone 7 Closed Dimensions- 3 ¼” x 6”
  • iPhone 7 Plus Closed Dimensions- 3/12” x 6/9/16”

iPhone 7 Personalized Leather Wallet -It Gets Better

iPhone 7 Personalized Leather Wallet-Cream of the Cream

True that there are a lot of wallets offered for the same purpose however, what makes this wallet maker stand out is the way that it was design and the materials use making it. A wallet case like this is a great choice in protecting your valued iPhone 7. Your other valuables are well-protected as well thanks to this iPhone 7 case from this wallet maker. This wallet is a cross between Wild West and modern living. No wonder it attracts buyers from both the old and new generation. For those who appreciate longevity and strength in a wallet this is what you are looking for. This impressive wallet is beautiful to look at and hold. It will not slip out of your hands even if you are in a hurry. In fact the material makes it easy for you to simply slip it inside your back or front pocket. This wallet has a design that will allow you to take good pictures even when you are in a hurry. The phone quickly slides out as soon as you take it off the wallet. The style allows for the contents not to spill out because of its secure close ergonomics. Simple yet elegant that’s how a classical leather wallet should be.

Qualities of a Good iPhone Leather Case

  • Hand stitched; Stylish case
  • Thinner on the pocket
  • Expandable bill pocket
  • Hard inner frame offers stability and case structure strength. This will prevent your phone from getting damage in case you drop it by accident
  • Made of high quality distress leather which develops an attractive patina as it ages
  • Can be used from iPhone 5, iPhone SE and beyond
  • Reasonable price even with the add-ons that you request for
  • Holds cash and cards on top of your phone
  • Branding initials perfected and offered as an option
  • Available 3 credit card slots
  • 2 interior pockets
  • Soft snap in case will not damage or scratch your iPhone
  • Prevents your cards from scratching the surface of your phone
  • Option to ask for a closure strap or third card slot
  • Expedited shipping available for some countries

A wallet case shall only be included in the top best iPhone wallet case if it manages to get good reviews. This one does and so much more. Get to know this iPhone 7 Case from wallet maker and you will never look for another wallet for your cards and iPhone. It is easy to bring a lot of cash because this wallet has the ability to lock even when you are carrying all of these items. When you leave the house you can simply grab this wallet knowing that your phone and other valuables are in it. You can even keep your keys inside as well whether this is for your car or house. This style will fit your needs. Ditch your old bulky wallet because a better replacement is here and it is made by this popular wallet maker. Choosing this wallet saves you from being overwhelmed with the large number of wallets offered to protect your phone because this one can do all of these and so much more.

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