iPhone 13 Leather Case


iPhone 13 Leather Case

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  • Supports iPhone 13 like a glove
  • Made of distress leather
  • Holds unfolded cash on the other side
  • Looks like a billfold
  • Can accommodate up to 8 cards with 4 credit card pockets
  • Size: 19.5 cm x 9 cm

iPhone 13 Leather Case

Searching for that perfect clutch wallet for your iPhone 13? Try out this handmade leather beauty from this wallet maker. Nothing looks smart than genuine leather wallet. Owning a wallet like this shows that you have good taste. It is always a welcome change to own a wallet that can last through frequent wear and tear thanks to its hand stitching. Leather wallets will outlast any time and change in styles. Although there are certain upgrades most of what makes this leather wallet remains as it is. You also have the option to customize. If you want timeless classics you got it with this clutch wallet.

Leather iPhone Case and Wallet

You spend hundreds of dollars just to own your dream phone and you will definitely try to avoid getting it scratched and broken. The best thing that you can do is to shop for a decent priced leather case. Leather is strong and sturdy. Leather made wallets are known to last long when real genuine leather is used to make it. If you want a smart looking iPhone case made of leather browse through the website of this wallet maker. They made it a point that you will find the perfect match for your favourite gadget. Avoid accidents and allow your phone to find the right kind of protection even from inquisitive toddlers and sudden drops. Let’s face it there may be days when the phone will accidentally drop to the floor out of your grasp. With this leather wallet it will absorb the shock instead of placing the strain in your phone. Result: your phone saved out of danger. If you are on the lookout for a case that is slim and not bulky this wallet is for you. It is surprisingly lightweight. On top of this when it comes to price this wallet remains affordable. You can just wonder how this wallet manufacturer manage to produce a wallet like this at such a low cost.

Leather iPhone Case and Wallet

  • Stylish and pocket friendly
  • Made of genuine distress leather
  • Flip open folio wallet case
  • Hand stitched with the colour thread of your choice
  • Gives you easy access to your phone
  • Grip function to reduce the chances of dropping your phone
  • Tough case; Protects your phone; Absorbs shock
  • Inner layer is made of soft material
  • Remains lightweight even if it is made of leather
  • Spend less and get more
  • Good option especially if you are clumsy and do experience dropping things most of the time
  • Option to personalize. You can add your logo or initials

Do your homework by comparing this wallet case with that of its competitors. You will appreciate how you will get value for money for this wallet case. Smartphones are made tougher although a vast majority of these versions cannot survive an accident unscathed. Protect your most cherish possession. Buy this leather wallet case and get the best investment that you can ever find for your iPhone. If there are cases when some cases suddenly pops open and out comes your phone, this case is not like that. You can feel secure knowing that your phone is keep safe inside your wallet case. Folio cases like this typically support the automatic sleep wake function so that your device comes to life when you open the cover. It goes to sleep when you close the cover. There is no chance of accidental case opening up because the phone fits snugly on this folio case. This is a premium hand-made leather case. Even so this model from this brand will not cost a lot of money. In fact it is cheaper than other similar versions from other brand. Don’t be contented with simple knock off leather give yourself the luxury of fine true leather. You will even look smart while carrying such a stylish wallet case.

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