Smiley Leather Notebook Journal


Smiley Leather Notebook Journal

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  • For Positive Minded People
  • Great Alternative to cheer a friend with
  • Good option as diary, day planner and journal
  • Handmade leather notebook cover
  • Hand stitched
  • Comes with Happy Face logo
  • Standard A6 refillable notebook
  • 2 pockets on each side for folded cash or credit/debit cards
  • Size: 11.5 cm x 16 cm

Leather Journal with an Attitude

Are you a generally happy person? If you are seeing a happy face journal notebook will bring smile to your face. This is a perfect fit to keep your spirits up during those times that you feel sad. There is always something positive to look forward too even when things are not looking up. Write down your thoughts whether it’s happy or sad and you will feel better. Buy this happy face journal notebook today.

Happy Face Art Wallet

If you want to get sufficient amounts of motivation look at a happy face and this will have a profound effect on you. This is inner happiness manifesting itself outside. How about being reminded to keep on smiling even when things go down? You can get enough motivation by owning a wallet that has this logo on it. Have you notice how when you look at smiling faces you tend to smile back? This is what a leather wallet can do for you. There might be days when you don’t feel like smiling. There might be setbacks on your plans but, a little smiley face can make you assume a positive attitude. You can square your drooping shoulders and begin to face life again even in the midst of trials and problems. If you want to be surrounded by happy and contented people try giving these as gifts. You are bound to act as magnet of happiness once they see at the smiley face. If you are good at making jokes you will produce profound effect on others and they will remember you for a long time.

Happy Face Art Wallet

  • Make you feel good and happy
  • Smiling is contagious
  • Makes an awe-inspiring gift idea for those closest to you
  • Handmade with special stitching
  • Can be a good gift for employees to keep them motivated
  • Has two pockets on each side for paper money or credit card
  • Can be refilled with A6 notebook
  • Offers customize options like initials

A happy person equals a productive individual. Nothing motivates a person better than feeling happy from within. Creative problem solving happens when you stick towards the positives. True, that problem exists however, nothing can unfazed you because you are motivated to smile and laugh. Depression drains other people and pulls them down. Be a smiling ambassador of goodwill by embodying happiness that shines out from within. You will eventually take the time to see the beauty around you. You will realize that there is more to life and that you want to live it to the fullest. Develop a sense of gratitude. See what a simple journal notebook can do? These are the joys of life that money can never buy. It will last as long as there is something that will remind you to keep on smiling come what may. Make somebody’s day extra happy by giving them a notebook and mini wallet. If you have given this to a writer friend or somebody who loves writing, by simply looking at the journal notebook they can write more and ideas will simply flow out. Happy people are thankful people. When you give this notebook as a gift others will view you as a happy person. Others will want to be your friends. If you want to reach more people as possible especially when you are expanding your business this notebook can be a good corporate giveaway. They will recall being given a piece of happiness.

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