Caduceus Leather Notebook Journal


Caduceus Leather Notebook Journal

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  • Multipurpose journal and notebook
  • Great alternative for day planner and diary
  • Handmade leather notebook cover
  • Hand stitched
  • Comes with Caduceus logo
  • Standard A6 refillable notebook
  • Size: 11.5 cm x 16 cm

Caduceus Symbol Charm Leather Wallet

This leather notebook would be the ideal gift for somebody who is practicing medicine and its allied courses. If you want to keep notes about your patients or write ideas that you can use when treating patients you can do that in this notebook. It has the Caduceus symbol which signifies that the owner is somebody who is into the medical field. Add a little special touch by adding your name or your initials and you got the ideal companion.

Leather Notebook Cover Personalized

A symbol of modern day medicine the Caduceus symbol can be seen where medicine is practice. If you are earning a living in the medical field owning a journal notebook with this symbol is a great idea. It is not just a leather notebook but, doubles up as a wallet as well. This rod of Hermes in mythology has a winged staff and snakes. This notebook can be a great appointment journal or a diary where you get to write your secrets. It may sound traditional but, you cannot deny that there is a sense of release when you write down the thoughts that are plaguing you. You can also work on improving your spelling since there is no spelling corrector installed in the pages of this journal. This will help you brush up your vocabulary. This notebook would be a good place to write down your song playlist so that you can have this downloaded for later. Is there a new set of words that you want to know about or would like to add to your vocabulary? Write it down. How about your goals for the day? Write it down. In an extremely hectic day you need to keep track of things that you want to do for the day.

Leather Notebook Cover Personalized

  • Made of genuine distress leather
  • Journal notebook and wallet in one
  • Has two pockets on each side to hold valuables
  • Diary
  • Grocery or Task of the Day journal

If you want to keep some secrets make this notebook as a diary. You don’t have to tell others about your secret because there are some people who may gossip about it. If you don’t want to be subjected to this scenario you can write it down on this journal where it will be safe from prying eyes. Do lock it down or keep it with you to avoid spilling out your secret. What about writing down your ambitions and personal goal? As soon as you reach the goal you cross it down. It will give you a visual encouragement that you have accomplished a great deal. If making instant decisions wear you down you can write it down and make a list of Pros and Cons. After looking at both you can now make a decision that you feel you are most comfortable with. Have you visited another country? Do write down your experiences in this journal. If you love to record your dreams so that you will not forget it; have this leather journal beside your bed. You can actually take this anywhere with you. As soon as the writing bug hits you can write anything on it. How about adding some inspirational quotes to add joy to your life. You can also carry your IDs, credit cards and cash on it as well. Even your calling card will not get damage with the help of this journal. In case it fills up you can always keep the old pages in a safe place while refilling the notebook again. It is like having a treasured diary that has more to offer than just a journal.

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