BioHazard Leather Notebook Journal


BioHazard Leather Notebook Journal

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  • Leather notebook/ diary/ journal and day planner
  • Handmade leather notebook cover
  • Hand stitched
  • Comes with biohazard logo
  • Standard A6 refillable notebook
  • Size: 11.5 cm x 16 cm

Biohazard Personalized Journal Leather

Explorer, adventure taker call yourself anything that you want because this makes you the ideal owner of this journal notebook. If you want to relive your precious moments write through the pages of this notebook. You can actually keep the dream alive by simply writing every experience down to the last detail. You have the option to refill this notebook so that you can spend hours writing on it. Any A6 refill notebook can fit in. Buy one today.

Personalized Journals Leather

Biohazard symbols have become an iconic symbol for those who love to merge their love of creating a fashion statement while at the same time using a traditional way to convey it. Leather is the best medium to stamp this biohazard logo with. This symbol was actually develop by bio engineers and their design team. It is striking enough to draw immediate attention. It is definitely unique and can never be switch with other symbols. It is also a recognize logo even through different parts of the world. Gone is the stigma of seeing a symbol like this. In fashion this is interpreted as “hot” property. What about owning a leather journal notebook that has this logo? Now, that’s a great idea. Finally something unique to add to your collection of uncommon but, practical items. Looking for an alternative to write your daily activities into? This leather journal notebook will be a great fit for this job.

Personalized Journals Leather

  • Made of genuine distress leather
  • Stylish and symbolical
  • Cool design
  • Encourages creative writing
  • Leather Journal notebook with an attitude
  • Extra pockets on both sides
  • Can be refilled with new notebook pages; standard A6
  • Option to personalize with logo or name initials
  • Two options for thread colour: natural tan and dark brown

The standard journal notebook will just hold the notebook and nothing else however, this version will allow you to bring cash and credit cards. How convenient is that? It functions like a wallet as well. Are you brainstorming for a project? You can write thoughts and piece this all together to come up with an amazing idea using this journal. If you like writing lists like when you are about to buy groceries this notebook will be a good place to write it down. If you are writing reviews this would be a good writing tool to write your thoughts. Formative ideas when written starts you towards the journey of creativity. Writing down some movie reviews so that you can add more to it later? This notebook will be your best buddy to write your thoughts about these movies. You will never forget what you have seen and will instantly recall this once you write some ideas about it in advance. If you love to do doodles you can do that as well. Ideas will pour in as you add more into it with the help of this journal. If you want something that is memorable and full of meaning buying this leather journal notebook is a must. Stand out from a crowd of people who uses the same kind of leather notebook. Why leather? Because leather is timeless it is a good match for this symbol. Why settle for a generic kind of notebook when you got this one? The next best idea would be to buy this leather journal notebook and carry it with pride.

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