Anarchy Leather Notebook Journal


Anarchy Leather Notebook Journal

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  • Leather notebook journal style
  • Handmade leather notebook cover
  • Hand stitched
  • Standard A6 refillable notebook
  • 2 pockets on each side for folded cash or credit/debit cards
  • Size: 11.5 cm x 16 cm

Personalized Leather Notebook Journal

An awesome gift for the writer in you. This journal notebook would be a great gift to anybody who loves writing about their adventures and life journey. You can write, doodle, draw and think of productive ideas for your next project using this notebook. With an anarchy symbol that lets you let lose the fighter in you.

Custom Leather Journal Notebook

Whether you are a seasoned traveller, writer and explorer or all of the above you will like this leather notebook journal. First of all it is made of genuine distress leather. With leather you can never go wrong since it is sturdy and can withstand frequent wear and tear. Have you wonder why some notebooks that you own looks dog-eared and beaten in just a few months’ time? If you love writing or do this for a living it is a must to keep your notebook in good condition. If you are keeping your diary inside this leather covered journal be assured that it will remain protected for posterity’s sake. It also helps that this journal looks handsome and it would be an asset to add to your accessory. In time you will learn to treasure it like a precious jewel.

Custom Leather Journal Notebook

  • Can stand the test of time; last longer than other materials use for the same purpose
  • Mad of high quality leather
  • Stylish yet practical
  • Conveniently affordable
  • Ideal for those who love writing or are employed as a writer
  • The paper use encourages smooth flow of writing
  • Reinforced with cloth binding strip; prevents pages from being torn apart through constant use
  • Bound by hand
  • Option to go personalize with logo or initials of your name

As soon as you buy this leather journal notebook you will realize that you found a treasure. It is like a gift that keeps on giving inspiring you to write. If you are artist you would appreciate its aesthetic value. If you are fashionable you will not fail to notice that carrying this journal with you makes you look stylish and smart. Choosing leather made journals like this shows that you are practical but, at the same time you do not ignore the chance to appreciate the good things in life. This is how leather makes you feel. It is also smooth to the touch and fits snugly in your hands and purse. The perfect way to describe this journal would be the best leather journal with an option to have it monogram. In this age when high tech stuff stands out it is still a joy to be able to write using a pen or pencil in a notebook. If you want to experience this same joy grab a leather journal notebook today.

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