Custom Leather Keychain


Custom Leather Keychain

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  • Great wedding favour option
  • Made of strong distress handmade leather
  • Built to last key chain holder
  • Option to add owner names or initials
  • Size”1.5” x 3”

Wedding Favor Ideas Keychain

Thinking of what to give guests during your wedding? Since you got a lot to spend for the wedding you may not have enough cash to spend on high end giveaways. Why not make these leather key chains your gifts. People will remember you and your wedding if you give them these since they will not just store this away on lockers. They will use it every day. Don’t forget to choose a logo that will work not just for your wedding day. Buy these by the dozens and you will still have remaining cash to spend on what you need for the wedding.

Wedding Favors Keychains Personalized

Historically speaking keychains have been produce first in plastic then it evolved into metal. Once consumers recognize the value of leather there was no turning back. Sales skyrocketed. It was also easy to find leather keychains because it was sold almost anywhere. However, if your goal is to look for a design that will be given away as wedding favors you need to go beyond simple leather key chain. Your wedding day is special and this is also an opportunity for you to show appreciation for people who have been part of your life. Both new and old friends deserved a gift that will remind them how special they are to you and your groom. However, comes the hard part. What gift will not cost a lot given that you are spending a lot on most of the things needed for your wedding? The answer is simple: leather keychains. These may be small items but, it packs a punch.

Wedding Favors Keychains Personalized

  • More affordable option than any kind of giveaway
  • Classy and elegant
  • Longevity. Water proof is not just the only advantage of owning leather keychains alone. Leather is a strong material that can handle common wear and tear. Plastic key chains will crack but, not leather
  • Great designs when you opt to personalize via a logo. It would be safe to say that putting your names in the giveaway might deter others from using this for their main keychain. By incorporating a logo this will look like it was owned by the recipient of your precious gift
  • Waterproof. Who is there to say that you will not left it where there is water like inside your clothes. Leather is resistant to moisture and will clean up easily
  • Practical gifts that can be use every day

Think of a design that will leave a good memory on those who will attend your wedding. Maybe you can design a logo that shows your unity as husband and wife. Even the toughest people get soft when they are reminded of true love. Around the time when leather become a common material use in keychain people use it not just to keep keys alone. It should be renamed multipurpose holder. It can hold small flashlight, knife, nail cutter and remote control for your car. There are advantage of owning and giving away leather made keychains. Key chains tend to fall accidentally on the ground and sometimes it can get step on. It will bounce around but, will not get damage. This is the kind of daily abuse that leather can handle. Yet, it still will remain durable except for some dirt which can get easily clean in just a few minutes. This keychain may appear simple but, don’t let its simplicity fool you. It is made of sterner stuff. You simply cannot live without keychains to help you organize even when preparing for your wedding. Share the joy of enjoying something simple yet useful with the ones you love. Buy it now.

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