Personalized Leather Dog Collar – Brown


Personalized Leather Dog Collar – Brown

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  • Made of tough handmade leather
  • Collar Loved by dogs
  • Belt buckle style
  • Slots to fit any dog’s neck be it a small or large dog
  • Available in two width: ¾ “ and 1”

Superb Choice Custom Dog Collar Leather

If it is about custom leather dog collar this brand has it. The collar will look good in your dog. It looks stylish and best of all your dog will appreciate it. Don’t forget to specify the size of your dog’s neck to make a perfect fit. Most dogs will not mind wearing a collar if it will not make him feel irritated. Buy one for your pet today.

Custom Dog Collars Leather

If you love your dog you would give him the best of everything including great looking dog collars. This should be made of leather. Leather can hold itself for a long time and is known for its longevity. This should be made of high quality leather though so that you expect it to last for a long time. Leather collar when it gets wet can be rinse with fresh water and mild soap. Let it dry in the sunlight and air. You can use leather shoe conditioner or oil since this will keep the leather in top shape. It will not dry up and grow stiff if you do this. A good kind of leather collar can even last the dog’s lifetime. However, you got to consider frequent wear and tear. Anyways if you buy from this maker it will lasts longer than those made with another material like faux leather. You should choose the best not the cheapest option for your friend. You can also wash leather so that it will last longer without any trace of smelly scent. Regarding buckles never buy one made of plastic otherwise this will break off easily. Better stick to good quality material like those found on this leather collar.

Custom Dog Collars Leather

  • Made of high quality handmade distress leather from the toughest layer of the hide
  • Durable and elegant style
  • Made to last for a long time
  • Fully hand stitched for ultra-durability
  • Better option for everyday use
  • Leather grows better in time and works better with hard working and super playful pets
  • Leather is resistant to bacteria, algae and mold
  • Conforms better with your dog’s neck
  • Side release bucket easier to put on and off
  • Small dividends that pay in huge amounts
  • Offers logo and initials with a little more cost

Look for manufacturers who also produce leather made products like wallets since this will give you an idea that they are experts in the field of leather making. As your best friend, your pet deserves the best coming from you. Natural made leather like this is better for your dog since it does not use tanning chemicals which means no chemical residue will touch your pet’s skin. The reasons given above is why most dog owners buy leather made dog collars. When you talk tough love this means leather made. A dog collar made by hand will usually last longer. The leather will actually feel buttery smooth when it touches your dog’s neck. To measure how the collar will fit in your dog’s neck you can measure from the last “hole” slot not the tapered end of the leather collar. Dog collars may be manufactured using other kinds of materials but, leather is still your best option. When your dog is using it for a very long time you will realize why leather remains king in this department. Not all materials will produce the same results hence the need to stick to long lasting material like leather.

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