Life Hack in Choosing the Perfect Leather Wallet

Men nowadays realize the importance of how to dress well. In this generation, a lot of men use different styles to dress up based on their age. However, choosing the perfect leather wallet is one thing that is mostly overlooked in their attire.

Dressing up in stylish clothes is easy but those details such as your wallet set you apart from the crowd. Imagine you’re out on a date on a high-end restaurant. As soon as the bill comes, you’re busy digging out of a heavily stuffed wallet to pull the cash or card. Not a good impression, right?

Gentlemen use leather wallets because of their sophistication and elegant style. Though we see that a leather wallet seems just a typical wallet we see in stores, this wallet brings a true man to heart when they buy and use it.

So without further ado, here are some life hacks or a complete guide on choosing your own perfect leather wallet.

Life Hacks in Choosing the Perfect Leather Wallet for Yourself

1.   Choose the Best Quality.

Leather is like any other natural commodity — a variety of different forms can be produced and handled, varying from exquisite to a beautiful one. Therefore, remembering where the leather came from, and how it was tanned, is quite important.

So it’s important to ask what kind of leather is the wallet you want to purchase and how it was made. You should care and read about the different types of leather so you can pick the one you like the most.

2.   Just Keep it Classic.

To make it more classy, you can opt for a natural tooling leather or a lighter-toned English bridle when it comes to leather finishes. Part of the beauty of leather is the ability to assume character over time, and over the years nothing displays a beautiful patina like these.

3.   Match it to Your Daily Style.

Choosing the perfect leather wallet will go beyond just determining which one looks the best. If you often wear jeans, then go for light leather and match it up with some denim coloring.

If you wear suits, try a more sophisticated style with a traditional dark finish. And if you’re a farmer, go with a leather wallet in Cordova to match it up as you sit on a horse and even when you’re driving your truck.

4.   Choose a Wallet for All Seasons.

Choosing the kind of leather wallet is important in every season. In mid-winter, you wouldn’t wear the same boots in the heat of summer, so consider having a billfold leather wallet for the summer season too.

A slimmer wallet can also stop your shorts from sagging because there are no alternate coat pockets to put your wallet. So preferring a small and slimmer leather wallet for summer is also a good choice.

5.   Choosing the Perfect Leather Wallet: Consider the Size of Your Wallet.

You may go for a wallet of medium size which will not bother you while you’re sitting. A medium leather wallet should be ideally sized to 3.5 x 4.5 inches.

On the other hand, larger wallet allows you to do more stuff but it may not be comfortable when you put it in your pocket as you sit. Whereas, a smaller wallet does not properly hold your essentials.

You know yourself best, so it’s really up to you.

So What Kind of Wallet You Must Choose?

Here are some types of wallet to help you further with your choice:

Tri-fold Leather Wallet

Tri-fold leather wallet has three sections and can be folded twice. It is typically more than a bifold leather wallet because it allows the owner to carry more cards, bills, and coins.

It is more suitable for the usual travelers domestically and internationally.

Bi-fold Leather Wallet

These are simple leather wallets that have synthetic materials. This style is classic and is perfect for everyday use. This style of leather wallet allows you to hold both cash and cards without giving it a bulky look.

Adults who usually go to work or office use this kind of leather wallet.

Wallet with Multiple Compartments

This universal wallet will contain a greater quantity of both cash and cards like credit cards and key cards. It has 11 expandable pockets for credit or debit card storage, 2 zippered cash or coin pockets, and 1 transparent identity card pocket.

This leather wallet is for people who need more maximum storage for their everyday stuff.

A Few Reminders to Take Care of Your Purchased Wallet

Once you got your wallet, you must give the utmost care to it to preserve its beauty and quality. Here are some reminders:

Remove Unnecessary Stuff

When one has a giant attic, there’s a possibility that he would load it with stuff. The same goes for things like leather wallets. Leather wallets have slots to fill in your stuff like cards, bills, and important notes. While we know that all of these are essentials, you must not put all of them on your wallet.

Try to lay all of your stuff that you think you need to put on your wallet out on a table and choose cards, bills, notes that you usually use daily. After you filter the ones that you really need, this stuff should be the one to be carried into your wallet.

Protect Your Wallet

Nowadays, using cards is much handier than using bills when you pay for something. Some men put a handful of cards each day to use like a credit card, a key card, business card, etc. These are the cards you must put on your leather wallet.

But what if you needed some cash and they changed coins for you, what would you do? Putting coins in your wallet may be a good idea but if you have a large number of coins, you could prefer to just put it in your other pocket.

Separating large amounts of coins from leather wallets will prevent you from causing damages or scratches to your cards and other items. Lastly, it makes the leather wallet more organized.

Final Thoughts

There are several considerations to evaluate when choosing the perfect leather wallet for yourself. These include the style, the size, the color, the price, and the wallet compartments.

Here in Gifts for Men, we offer only the best high-quality leather wallets. The importance of using a leather wallet is important. That’s why we are here to help you to choose the best wallet that will last long and that fits your style.

With all the tips above, I am sure that in a short period of time you will be able to find the wallet that fits all of your needs and requirements.

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