How Many Leather Wallets Should A Man Own?

How Many Leather Wallets Should A Man Own?

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Picture this you are talking to a group of strangers at a bar and everything is going great. Things are looking up and this could be a lead to sell your product. Somebody who is impress asks for your business card. Everybody stops agape when they see you pulling out your wallet or what remains of it. Out comes your wallet with its tattered edges. You scramble to look where you have place your calling card and finally, you found a folded card smudge with a little coffee. This is definitely creating the follow through impression that you wish to make to land that sale. If you have your wallet since you graduated in college it is time to invest in something more mature and age appropriate. There are two things that you must remember about wallets: it should be functional and presentable.

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  • The right wallet for the right job. Not all wallets are created equal. Your slim leather wallet cannot carry larger documents. Travel leather wallets are made specifically for your convenience when you travel. To make a good impression if you are doing business pick something classical and sleek. Just like the need for certain shoes to do the job the same thing can be said about wallets as well
  • A single wallet will not be adequate for all occasion. If there is a single bad habit it is having only one wallet for all types of uses. This places the strain on the wallet because he does the job day in and day out. You actually need a casual wallet if you are an active kind of guy. This can be a bifold or a trifold wallet. You need another wallet for business or work purpose. If you are a traveling salesman you need a travel wallet
  • Size matters. Men commit the biggest mistake by purchasing the biggest wallet and fit everything in it. It is like a woman who decides to buy a bag and carry all of her stuff in it. The problem with this is that the wallet end up packed thick. If you are placing this in your back or front pocket it would create an unsightly bulk. In some cases it might cause back pain. Imagine carrying that much stuff wherever you are. Limit the items that you carry and you will live lighter
  • Quality above all. The wallet might be great to look at but, can it handle the stuff that you carry? How about wear and tear, is the material durable? Remember you are going to use this beyond a month or few months. Unless of course, you plan on changing wallets every now and then. It is still impractical. Leather never goes out of style and better keep this in mind. Pick a high quality leather wallet because it will last in years to come

Most of the items that goes into the wallet includes:

  • Cash or credit card. Cold hard cash is still acceptable and is carried more than credit or debit card. Cash is king when paying for tips or when paying for quick services
  • ID. This can be a driver’s license or state identification card. If you are in a foreign country this can include your passport and boarding pass as well
  • Business cards. This is true for those who are traveling for business
  • Photos of loved ones. Most guys do carry a photo of their spouse, kids or even beloved pets

There are some things that you should leave out of the wallet though. Social security card and discount cards may be needed but, not most of the time. The same thing can be said about condoms unless you are sexually active. Most of these are sold in convenience store or place inside the vehicle.

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