Attract Money on Your Wallet!

Like attracts like.

Now is the time to attract money on your wallet. You are probably suffering financial loss from time to time and thinking about how you can ever recover from your debts here and there. Did you know that your situation right now is the effect on how you think and see things, and it has something to do on how you treat the treasure- your wallet? There are two things to discover in this article; the law of attraction and Feng Shui.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a set of guidelines originated in China and believed that people and their surroundings are inter-connected and could attain harmony by using forces of energy.

What is the Law of Attraction?

Law of Attraction (also known as LOA) on the other hand, is a universal law that states “what you think, you attract”. Philosophers believe that this law is absolute and already exists from the beginning of time.

Feng Shui and Law of Attraction are most likely to be the same, and once believed, you will receive! You have the power to attract all things, including unlimited amounts of money.

Here are some Feng Shui tips together with the Law of Attraction to help you attract money on your wallet:

Right Color of Your Wallet

Your wallet’s color has something to do on how you attract money according to Feng Shui.

  • Blue/Dark Blue – this color is believed to be a symbol of water. It is said that your money could be easily drained by bad luck if you chose this kind of color to your wallet; therefore, you should avoid this color.
  • Black – black is a general color for a wallet and is easy to get on the flow of trends because it is fashionable and easy to partner with your preference. Feng shui says it is the symbol of wealth and prosperity, so you should really consider a black wallet.
  • Red – this color symbolizes fire. If you don’t want your money burnt to the ground, then you should disregard this color.
  • Brown – brown symbolizes earth. If you are a person who really likes to save, a brown leather wallet is recommended for you. A leather one will be the best for it will boost your positivity in saving money.

To Attract Money on Your Wallet, Think About the Size

You should consider buying a wallet of your preference. If you are a person who likes to put other papers aside from your money, you are recommended to buy a size big enough to accommodate them.

If you are a person who only puts money inside your wallet because it is the most important thing for you, then you should buy a slim or a minimalist wallet. This kind of wallet represents your appetite in treating money as the only deserved ones inside your wallet.

Your Wallet’s Content

Money doesn’t want junks in his yard. If you don’t want trash coming on to your life, then I recommend you set aside unnecessary things.

These are the things you must keep inside to attract money on your wallet:

  • Money – never empty your wallet of money because money and wealth don’t like to be lonely.
  • Banknotes – keep banknotes with great amounts of numbers because, like money, it will attract more of it.
  • Debit Cards – owning cards like this attracts more assets so it is recommended to keep these inside your wallet.

Of course, there are also things not to keep in your wallet:

  • Candy Wrappers – your wallet is not a trash bin so stop putting junks inside it.
  • Torn papers – it is believed that it will just attract bad luck.
  • Receipts/Credit Card – receipts symbolize gone money so if you don’t want that to happen, you should keep it out in your wallet. Credit cards just increase your debt so you better avoid it inside your treasure too.
  • Pictures – your wallet is not a photo album. It is meant to be stored by money, not pictures.

Condition of Your Wallet

Minimalist Credit Card Leather Wallet for Men
Minimalist Credit Card Leather Wallet for Men

If your wallet is worn out, you should really consider buying a new one. According to Feng Shui, a wallet reflects a person’s asset. Money doesn’t feel comfortable if its home is already damaged.

Buy a new neat-looking wallet with the right color of your preference and maintain its cleanliness because it will attract more money and prosperity to you.

To Attract Money on Your Wallet, Treat It Respectfully

To attract more money, you should treat your wallet with the utmost respect. With that being said, you should not place it everywhere and misplace it. Also, you should not throw it on the table nor place it on the floor if you have something to do. Money and wealth don’t deserve carelessness.

Your Mind Must Attract Money

A person’s mindset also boosts the attraction of money. The first sentence of this article states that like attracts like, thus a person’s mind reflects in it. How you see things will be your reality. If you love money, then money will love you back. In order to attract money, you have to think of it often.

Here’s a tip: think of it once you opened your eyes in the morning. Act as if you are already receiving the money. Think of it every step you make when you’re walking down the street. Play it inside your head when you have your lunch with your family. Stick it on your thoughts when you’re having your shower. Think of it all the time! Imagine it.

Feel it and the universe will arrange all the people, circumstances and events for your wish to happen!

You have to set the right mind and the right wallet in order to achieve the success of attracting money. Focus your thoughts on money, and your desire must come to your reality.

Final Thoughts

In order to accomplish this Feng Shui tips, you must buy a leather wallet with your preference of size. This kind of wallet is proven and tested to overcome time. It is durable, sturdy, and fashionable at all times.

If you happen to buy a good leather-material wallet, it can even last a lifetime! You just have to handle it with proper care and respect. Plus, its color is mainly brown, which is recommended for a wallet to attract more wealth and prosperity. Wealth is mainly embodied with money so it is not something to be worried about.

It’s all in you. All of the famous people in our history have created their timeless names through the use of Law of Attraction. Faith is free. You can believe in yourself all the time. If you want to attract money on your wallet, be positive and change your perspective.

Buy yourself a high-quality leather wallet that will bring more money into your life, and we are confident that we serve the best ones. You deserve one; so you must buy one! Choose among our top-notch leather wallets and add to cart right now before it runs out.

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